Glyndwr University, Wrexham.  Home of the North Wales Cyber Security Cluster

The South Wales Cyber Security Cluster has been formed, under the umbrella of the UK Cyber Security Forum, by a number of cyber security focused businesses in the Cardiff area including Pervade Software Ltd, Wolfberry IT Security and Urquhart-Dykes & Lord LLP.

The aims of the Cluster are two-fold:-

  • To support the members of the cluster by communicating National and International initiatives and trade opportunities, providing a networking platform to share ideas and best practice, encouraging collaboration and identifying partnership opportunities so that small cyber security specialist businesses in Wales can find new ways to grow.
  • To support the Welsh Government's commitment to Cyber Security (and UK Government's Cyber Security Strategy) by building cyber security knowledge, skills and capabilities in Wales, to make businesses more resilient to cyber attacks and Wales one of the most secure places in the world to do business.

NEXT CLUSTER MEETINGS - (full details are on the Cluster Meetings page)

The next meeting will be:-

When we run Cluster meetings at the University of South Wales it tends to be at the Newport Campus because this is the location of the National Cyber Security Academy.

We mustn't forget however, that there are a number of departments at the Treforest Campus who share our passion for protecting the world from the cyber threat, including the Computer Forensic Department (who hosted the Cluster back in 2017), Criminology and Policing.

We will be returning once again to Treforest for our October meeting where we will also be joined by the Cyber Crime Team from TARIAN (the Southern Wales Regional Organised Crime Unit), who are working on a number of initiatives that would benefit from collaboration with Cluster members.

We are also hoping that we will be joined by Colonel Abdullah Al Khayat from the Dubai Police who is Director of Hemaya International Forum.

So, revisiting our friends at USW Treforest, hearing from TARIAN and hopfully meeting our partners from the Dubai Cluster, a recipe for another fantastic meeting.

See you all there!