Tour of HMS Victory with US Delegation – Deadline: 25th May 2018

On 13 September, DSO is taking a group of US delegates down to Portsmouth for a tour of HMS Victory. Between 12:00 – 14:00 there will be a networking lunch opportunity where you can meet with the group.
The cost for attending will be £150 plus VAT per person. There will be a buffet lunch. 
US Delegates – The list of names we have been given is more extensive than anything we’ve done before with the US Embassy and RDECOM. There will be, of course, representation from the US Naval side in the US Embassy and we have also been promised the new head of the ODC and several attaches. Of course, one or more could drop out between now and then, but with nearly 20 already signed up across the services, including RDECOM and Commerce, we are sure you’ll find the lunch extremely useful and commensurate with the cost.
Please note your attendance at the lunch does not include you on the HMS Victory tour, which has been organised by the MoD specifically for the US delegates and their escort officers.
The US Desk Officer Craig Cabell and Tajinder Chhina will be available on the day to direct you to the right person.
There will be no opportunity to display items or pop ups. You can offer handouts/business cards and show your products and services via ipad.
If this appeals you, please register your interest with Tajinder Chhina E:  and sign-up using the link and password below by the latest cop next Friday, 25 May 2018.


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