The Hague Security Delta Update – 8th January 2019

Welcome to The Hague Cyber Updates.

Through this newsletter we’d like to keep you up to date on upcoming opportunities, news and events on tech in The Netherlands; starting with a FinTech event in Amsterdam on 13 and 14 March.

To a successful 2019!

For this first edition, and the beginning of the new year, we’d like to provide you with an overview of our upcoming activities in 2019. Do let us know if you’ve got anything exciting coming up as well, or if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Otherwise, we’ll hope to catch up soon at one of our events. Continue reading for our FinTech mission in March, our Tech mission to The Next Web in May and an InfoSec event in June.

FinTech Mission

On 13 and 14 March, we’re organizing a FinTech trade event in Amsterdam, with company visits and 121 matchmaking with the industry’s movers and shakers. Sign up here.


On 9 and 10 May we are planning a mission to one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe; The Next Web in Amsterdam. Currently we’re gauging interest for UK tech companies to join our mission. Are you one of them? Leave your email here and we will send you more information.

InfoSec London

On 4-6 June, there will be a Dutch mission to InfoSec in London. We’re currently planning a joint event for UK and Dutch companies and buyers to meet, share experiences and build partnerships. Drop us a line if you’re interested.

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