Swansea University Security Project Sandpit – Deadline: 2nd April 2019

Security Project Sandpit – a collaboration initiative for local industry and Swansea University academics

We will hold a sandpit day at Computational Foundry on 21st May. Academics from Swansea University will work with participating industry to scope a project that will address industry-led challenges. The day will start with a casual speed networking, followed by people getting into groups to discuss the challenges in detail and plan a research project. Each group must have a Swansea University academic who will be the Principal Investigator of the project. After a long working lunch, the groups will present their project ideas to a panel consisting of a senior academic, an industry representative and someone from a non-technical background. A funding pot of up to £20k will be available and will be awarded to the Principal Investigator of the project.

Timeline of the Sandpit:

Expression of Interest (EoI)
Deadline 2nd April
Any industry keen to take part will need to send an expression of interest. This is simply a title of the industry challenge they wish to address. Under one EoI, an industry can send more than one industry challenge. Each industry challenge title can be up to 30 words.
Please email your EoI with industry challenge title(s) to Heidi Rees (h.j.rees@Swansea.ac.uk )
We will send weekly reminders.

Invitation to submit a sandpit idea
Deadline 7th May
We will review the EoI and ask you to elaborate on your challenge title(s) in one paragraph. This paragraph can be up to 150 words.
In the submission, you are also required to write keywords of the expertise you are looking to work with at Swansea University (examples: blockchain, security protocols, visualisation, penetration testing, soft security). And to help you get a broad picture of our expertise within Computer Science, please browse our academic staff profiles here: https://www.swansea.ac.uk/compsci/ourstaff/

Please email your Sandpit ideas to: to Heidi Rees (h.j.rees@Swansea.ac.uk)
We will send weekly reminders.

We will circulate your sandpit ideas to academics within Swansea University and invite them to collaborate with you on Sandpit Day on 21 May.

A detailed programme of the Sandpit Day will be circulated nearer the time

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