Horizon 2020 in Wales Annual Event – 15th March

1:30 – 3:30pm, 15 March 2018, Mercure Hotel, Cardiff   Register here
Funding opportunities abound for those who collaborate, but finding the right partners is difficult. We propose a short workshop that will introduce the Vanguard Initiative – a network supporting collaborations across European regions.  Bangor University will talk about their experience of international collaboration, and we will also highlight the support available to organisations seeking collaboration opportunities.  
The Vanguard Initiative is bringing regions and clusters together – to learn, connect, demonstrate and commercialise.
Pilot projects currently cover the following topics:
  • Bio-Economy – Interregional cooperation on innovative use of non-food Biomass – Lignocellulose refinery, Bio-aromatics, Turning (waste)gas into value, Biogas Beyond Energy Production, Bio-Aviation Fuel, Food & Feed Ingredients from Agrofood Waste, Food & Feed Ingredients from Algae.
  • Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing (ESM) – De- and re-manufacturing, personalised products, surface and coating materials, digital and virtual factories, nano-enabled products.
  • High Performance Production through 3D-Printing
  • Making EU the global leader in components for marine renewables and offshore energy applications
  • Vanguard Initiative pilot project on New nano-enabled Products – wires for ICT and energy,nano-bio systems, production of nano-materials, printed nano-electronics (including application on buildings)
H2020 Annual Event, 10:00am, 15 March 2018, Mercure Hotel, Cardiff
If you haven’t already registered for the H2020 Annual Event you can do so here.
Themed around Forging partnerships, driving success, the 2018 event builds on Wales’ success inHorizon 2020 in order to prepare for 9th EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9).  We will explore how continued commitment to collaborate with Europe and the rest of the World will help drive Wales’ competitiveness and growth.
With already over 100 people signed up, places are going fast so please don’t forget to register or contact us directly. H2020@gov.wales

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