Give your support to a Swansea University bid to nurture 50 Cyber PhDs – Deadline: 18th July 2018

The Computational Foundry at Swansea University are submitting a proposal to the EPSRC (the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council), who provide government funding for grants to undertake research and postgraduate degrees in engineering and the physical sciences (including mathematics, artificial intelligence and computer sciences.

The proposal is to build a Centre for Doctoral Training in Enhancing Human Interactions and Collaborations with Data and Intelligence Driven Systems at the new Bay Campus in Swansea.

The vision is to train 50 PhD researchers (in cohorts of 10 per year) who will lead change in industry and academe by having deep technical skills and knowledge in core computational science that are honed throughout with a simple but profoundly important question.  That question is:

What breakthroughs in core computational science are needed to enable people to feel in control of, and central to, their futures rapidly being transformed by advances in data and intelligence driven technologies?

First and foremost, the University are seeking your feedback on this proposal to co-create the Centre. Secondly they are also
ultimately seeking support from partners so that every PhD researcher will have opportunities to develop and test their ideas with advice and support from an industry sponsor.

They would like to ask you three questions in response to their Proposal outlined over the three sections of that proposal (which can be accessed here):

1. The National Need for the Centre – we are seeking your feedback on the existing and forecasted demand from your organisation in, or related to, this context.

2. The Centre’s Vision – we are keen to talk to you about challenges, initiatives or projects that your organisation has in this or related R&D areas to help further shape our plans.

3. The Centre’s Approach – we would like to hear from you on how your organisation or one like yours could support and work with a research student in such a Centre.

Enquiries contact Matt Roach, 01792 606662 or

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