Digital Tuesday – 99 problems but GDPR ain’t one – 6th of Feb

Digital Tuesday is back with a bang after the Christmas break and we’re here to help ease you into 2018!

Still not sure how you’re going to tackle GDPR in time for May?

Don’t worry….we’ve got you.

Following our successful session ‘How will GDPR affect you?’ in October we’re back with another GDPR 101. You’ve told us that GDPR is still confusing and many of you just don’t think that it applies to you. It is, and it does. So, this time we’ve broken it down into bite sized chunks and got some small (and some slightly bigger) businesses to come and talk about the paletable things that they have done and to ensure that they are compliant.

They are ready and waiting to share how they have been attacking some of the hurdles that we are all facing and they will be awaiting your questions during this interactive session.

Come along on the 6th of February and share all of your GDPR worries. We’re all in this together.

So enough of that, now for our featured speakers:

  • Dr Kerry Beynon, Partner at Acuity Legal.
  • John Davies, Director at Pervade Software
  • Matthew Sykes, Business Manager at Yolk Recruitment
  • Richard Sheppard, Director at Interceptor Solutions
  • Damon Rands, Managing Director at Wolfberry

A massive thank you to our sponsor Acuity Legal who will be providing free beer and pizza. Don’t say we don’t look after you.

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