Digital Tuesday – 6th March

Free the 5G and grow, grow, grow, grow, grow

Yes, 2018 really is moving that fast.  Digital Tuesday is back on 6 March, this time we’re deep diving 5G

Our thirst for data has reached insatiable levels.  Our lives depend on constant connectivity.  WhatsApp messages and Facetime have become our lifeblood.  WiFi is unreliable, and when on the move, unavailable.  4G networks, despite being relatively new, are already creaking under the pressure.

5G is the solution.  It’s set to be lightning-quick, operating up to 100 times faster than 4G, with the capacity to support the likes of augmented reality, autonomous transport networks, and millions of inter-connected IoT devices. It’s a growth enabler, for sure.

But before we get to that point, there’s work to do…

Innovation Point is putting together a proposal for The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport considering ‘Test Beds and Trials’ relating to 5G in Wales.  Digital Tuesday is your chance to get involved and share your thoughts on that bid.

Hear from
 QinetiQ’s (global leader in defence tech consultancy) Anil Shukla & other 5G expert speakers. Also joining us will be Innovation Point’s chairman, Simon Gibson who’s worked in the networks and telephone communication industries for many years.

Indulge in hot drinks courtesy of Celtic Manor, and take a moment to network with others at the heart of a 5G hot-hub. It’s the perfect after-work event for those of you creating emerging technologies of the future, too.  5G will open new realms for you to explore. Digital Tuesday will be jam-packed with like-minded explorers.

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