Kloud WiFi

One of the problems with WiFi is the possible misuse of your network. Our KloudWiFi conforms with UK regulations to keep you and your guests safe and secure. People hate being away from their phones, tablets and laptops. If your business isn’t providing access you’re missing a trick. Once WiFi was a novelty – now it’s essential. “Do you have WiFi?” is now a game-changing question for any enterprise. Now – with Kloud Wi-Fi your business can join the game. Your customers will come back because they know they can stay in touch. It gives you a brand new income stream. It stops your clients going somewhere else. We make it easy for your customers to log on. You can give them a tailored home page – a free ad – while they’re actually there. For more information please contact Darren Joslin, 01656 33 44 99, darren.joslin@kloudwifi.co.uk