Copier Mate

Cyber Security breaches are big news and your photocopier is a gateway to more sensitive documents than you may care to imagine. Your MFPs (multi-funtional printers), whether connected to the internet or not, can be used as a door for hackers to infiltrate your network. Sensitive files are transmitted to the photocopier in plain text and even a password protected PDF is unlocked when it hits your photocopiers. Also, every single document you print, copy, fax, or scan sits as a ghost image on your photocopier’s hard drive. Without much difficulty, your staff, visitors, or even complete strangers could access your photocopier remotely, taking thousands of sensitive files relating to you and your clients. Copier Mate can “harden” your photocopiers. To arrange a no obligation chat about reducing the Cyber Security risks of your photocopiers, please contact Ed Barnett on 03332 005330 or email: