BT Infinity Awards – 12th March

Could your ideas enhance and scale human expertise?

Augmented Intelligence can enhance human judgement and turn data into insight. It’s often the start of breakthrough

discoveries that can change the way we live. We’ve teamed up with the Cabinet Office and TechHub to find small

businesses with big Augmented Intelligence ideas for public services, defence and retail.

Digital Public Services – Have you got an idea that can transform public services? It could be internal, with civil service or public sector teams. External, with citizens and service users. Or even both.

Digital Defence Enablement – Could your idea help a commander and their staff better plan an operation? Could it help them visualise and test the impact of decisions before they act? Or even assess their manoeuvres in real time?

Digital Retail – Could your idea better connect us with customers and make for a more personalised retail experience? Could it drive operational transformation, whether it’s inventory management, warehousing or in-store analytics? Or even use online engagement to drive in-store sales?

You don’t have to have any previous experience in these sectors. But we do need big ideas from small companies and solutions that can be applied to these challenges.

To get involved, head to You’ll need to fill in the application form, shoot a short video, and send it to us by Monday 12th March 2018.

Three winners will receive:

• A £10,000 cash prize • Six months of support from BT • A six-month TechHub Flex membership

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